ReFLEX Toolbar Control System

ReFLEX Toolbar Control System


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REFLEX is an automatic toolbar adjustment system that uses hydraulic adjustment and height sensors to make quick and accurate adjustments to your toolbar hinge points.​


Cab controls are simple and convenient to use.  REFLEX stays in automatic mode while you are in the field and offers manual control of each controlled function.​


Save Horsepower

Evenly engaged row units greatly reduce stress on a toolbar and side draft on a tractor.  This results in a significant reduction in horsepower and traction requirements.​



REFLEX is available in 2 and 3 section control and can be used in a variety of applications.  Cylinders to control is the only requirement.​


What’s your implements weakness?  We can help!

  • Do you have uneven ground causing row units to disengage or plow too Deep?
  • Do you have suitcase weights hanging on the end of your toolbar to try and offset the effects of variable down pressure?
  • Do your row units bounce off the ground when you’re turning around in headlands?
  • Does your tractor power hop and have trouble pulling hills?
  • Do you have stress cracks and welds from unnecessary stress on your toolbar?

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