Nelson Purge Valve

Nelson Purge Valve


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When traditional end guns aren’t an option, specify the Nelson Purge Valve to intermittently flush the end of a pivot to prevent solids from collecting that are not managed by the pivot sand trap.

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APPLICATION: Install at the end of center pivot systems for automatic flushing at start-up and shut-down — or, configure with an electric solenoid interfaced with the center pivot for automatic flushing while system is operating.

Specify: 1.5” MNPT or 1.5” MBSP


Why use a Nelson Purge Valve?

  • Reliable operation
  • Self-cleaning
  • No power required
  • Obstruction free flow
  • All corrosion-free parts

General Guidelines

  1. Never make adjustments or perform service while the valve is in operation.
  2. Stand clear of an operating valve.
  3. Stand clear of the high velocity water stream.
  4. Never direct the water stream onto a roadway or electrical transmission lines.

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