Micro Sweeper™

Micro Sweeper™

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The Micro Sweeper™ represents further enhancements in industry standard ice preventors. The reduced size of the device provides purchase price savings to the customer while enhancing function and maximizing the number of years of service.

The technology in the Micro Sweeper™ reduces water consumption to the absolute minimum amount required to prevent ice formation in the waterer. It achieves this water savings utilizing a faster valve activation mechanism. All of Baker Products’ freeze prevention devices are made in the USA and perform as precision instruments for years to come in tough environments, Waterfront Manufacturing is happy to be able to offer them. 

Features of Micro Sweeper™ – Waterer Ice Prevention

  • One Simple Installation
  • No Adjustment of the product – EVER.
  • Automatic Mechanical operation – no electricity required.
  • Fast and dependable operation – uses the least amount of water possible.
  • Failsafe operation.
  • Precision manufactured to exacting standards.
  • Made in the USA – 100% tested at factory.


The Micro Sweeper™ is a thermal sensing valve that is constantly in contact with the water and “intermittently” releases enough pressurized water to prevent surface ice. It turns on at 41 degrees F and turns off at 42 degrees F. The water temperature dictates when water needs to flow. It uses no more and no less than required.

Quality construction and precise control ensures excelled performance.

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