What is Regenerative Agriculture?

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January 21, 2020

It seems like new agricultural and farming techniques are popping up every day as new technologies develop, and as industry priorities are shifting from quantity to quality. It can be difficult to keep up with all the new information constantly being made available!

Regenerative agriculture is a concept you may hear being thrown around quite a bit. But what exactly does it mean?

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that focuses on rebuilding and revitalizing soil with organic matter and biodiversity. The goal is not just to avoid soil damage, but to actually make soil healthier and more fertile. The concept is to give back to the land that has given us so much.

Why are farmers choosing regenerative agriculture?

People in the industry are turning to regenerative agriculture in an effort to grow healthier, mineral-rich crops, and to make farming more sustainable.

By harnessing the carbon dioxide in the air to cultivate carbon-rich soil, regenerative farmers help plants produce more nutrients and reduce carbon emissions. Using carbon this way results in crops filled with more nutrients, healthier soil, and helps reverse dangerous soil loss.

How can I practice regenerative agriculture?

As a farmer, there are techniques you can use to help sequester carbon to generate topsoil, improve soil health and fertility, increase rainwater retention, and promote biodiversity. These are a few of the most effective methods you can use to practice regenerative farming:

  • No-till/minimum-till farming to limit the release of carbon from soil into the atmosphere
  • Composting, crop rotation & cover crops to recycle organic matter and support soil and crop health
  • Managed grazing to preserve the quality and lifespan of land and livestock

The transition to more sustainable farming starts with making sure you have the top products available to make your enterprise as efficient as possible.

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